CLIENT TESTIMONIAL by Diane Lima, Pharm.D. (Dr. Lima is a long term care pharmacy director in Fresno, California. Flexible Pharmacy Staffing provides the pharmacy to perform state-mandated legend drug cartridge exchanges multiple times per week for an automated dispensing unit in a skilled nursing facility) 12/16/16

“The remote pharmacists are very easy to work with and have been invaluable in helping us provide our distant customer quality service.”


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Misuzu Nagunama, Pharm.D.


ASSOCIATE TESTIMONIAL letter by Misuzu Nagunama, Pharm.D. 12/21/13

“…thank you again for providing me with the opportunity to work with…[a long term care pharmacy] in Sioux Falls earlier this year. Although I ultimately ended up moving…to be closer to family, it was a fun contracting experience that would have never been realized without your help and guidance.”