Consultant Pharmacist jobs are for Pharmacists who have experience or strong inclination to provide Medication Regimen Review to Skilled Nursing Facilities.  



Clinical Consulting Services
Our ability to recruit and manage long term care Clinical Consultant Pharmacists for temporary or perpetual assignments sets us apart from typical staffing firms and consultant pharmacy groups! Consultant pharmacists perform regulatory medication review audits, survey guidance, and medication therapy management (MTM) services for people living at home, in assisted living communities, personal care homes, skilled care nursing facilities, or group homes for the mentally and physically disabled. Our pharmacists also complete regulatory audits for oxygen suppliers and surgical centers, etc. While our consultant pharmacists are professionals with an independent mindset, they understand that they are often seen by your facilities as the face of your company, as well. REQUEST COVERAGE!

Temporary Coverage for Consulting

We deliver temporary clinical pharmacy consulting coverage in a competent manner, and strive to make it a positive experience for all involved. Sometimes these needs arise last-minute, and this means the healthcare facility may be at risk for non-compliance with regulations requiring a routine medication review. To date, we have provided consultant pharmacists in approximately twenty-six states in the U.S., and we are adding new consultants and coverage as our clients request it.

Perpetual Consulting Assignments
Whether you are a long term care pharmacy that desires low-maintenance consultant pharmacist services for client facilities, or if you are a health care facility desiring to achieve maximum control and clinical independence in your consultant pharmacist budget, Flexible Pharmacy Consulting will build and manage a team, under one contract, based on your needs. Reduce HR hassles. We manage time off coverage within our team. If ever a “new face” is desired, we can accommodate such requests. Describe your needs to us.

Recruiting for Consultant Pharmacists
Hiring and training consultant pharmacists is very difficult, requiring time and expense. We are often able to locate pharmacists with previous or current consultant pharmacist experience. We have hired many consultant pharmacists and we are sensitive to what makes a consultant pharmacist a good fit for your company. Let us recruit your next consultant pharmacist! REQUEST COVERAGE!

We are always looking for Long Term Care Clinical Intermediate Skilled Nursing Facility, or ICF/MR Pharmacy Consultants located in ALL U.S. STATES! IF YOU DON’T SEE A CURRENT CONSULTANT PHARMACIST JOB AVAILABLE IN YOUR AREA, PLEASE USE OUR GENERAL APPLICATION FORM.

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